Ways to Honor Mom at Your Wedding

Many engaged couples would like to acknowledge their parents during their wedding, but aren’t sure how to include the women in their life. Fathers traditionally get to walk their daughters down the isle, dance with them at the reception, and make a special speech at the reception, but where do mothers and grandmothers fit in? Let’s explore a few ideas to honor the special women in your family during your wedding.

Give Them a Special Place in Your Ceremony
It is perfectly acceptable to have your mother, grandmother, or more than one parent walk you down the isle. Some brides like to have their mother on one side of them and their mother-in-law on the other while walking to altar. Another way to include them into the ceremony is to have your mother, grandmother, and/or mother-in-law light the candles for your unity ceremony. You can also have them wait to take their seat until the wedding begins, walking down the isle just before your wedding party.

Give a Speech
Asking the officiant to say some kind words for your mother during the ceremony can be a touching addition to your ceremony. If there isn’t a graceful way to include such a speech, you can make a heartfelt speech for your mother during your reception.

Honor Them with Flowers
Presenting the ladies in your life with flowers is a lovely touch that will make them feel appreciated and included. Corsages are standard, but a bouquet can make more of a statement.

You can also use your own bouquet to honor your mother. Rather than doing a bouquet toss, give your bouquet to your mother, along with a few words about what she means to you. If you have more than one woman to honor, pull a flower out of your bouquet for each, and present the flowers to them before or after the ceremony.

For Those Who are No Longer with Us
Weddings can be a painful reminder of parents who have passed on, but you can still honor them in a variety of ways. Write some kind words in your wedding program about how they prepared you for marriage, or ask the officiant to mention them during the ceremony. More subtle ways of acknowledging your loved ones include “reserving” a spot for them in the front row with a flower, or wearing a locket that contains their photo.

Weddings are often just as important in our mother’s and grandmother’s eyes as our own. Taking a moment to honor them during your wedding will be a sweet gesture, and a touching highlight of your special day.

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