Wedding Day Kiss – Quiz

couple at alter“You may kiss the bride.” The moment you’ve been waiting for, you turn to face each other, excitement dances in your eyes as you look at the face of the one you will spend the rest of your life with. Silence fills the room. Everything seems surreal, everyone is watching, everyone is waiting as you slowly move forward to make the official first kiss as husband and wife.

Public displays of affection may not be popular in our everyday life but wedding days are the exception to the rule. What is the appropriate kiss to do when everybody you care about is watching you?


1) On weekends you and your honey like to:

a.  Stroll to a café or bar and spend time with your friends.
b.  Go salsa dancing or rock climbing.
c.  Stay home and cuddle up on the couch.

2) Your families are very:

a.  Sophisticated and reserved.
b.  Fun loving, they are always on a weekend getaway or out and about.
c.  Easy going, you can talk to them about anything.

3) If you were a wine you and your lover would be:

a.  A white wine.
b.  A red wine.
c.  A rosé.

4) Your wedding vows will be:

a.  In a church, lovely garden near your home or a country club.
b.  On an exotic beach, in the rain forest or at the top of a mountain.
c.  On a romantic ranch, in the country or in your backyard.

5) The thought of your granny watching you kiss your new beau makes you:

a.  Blush slightly.
b.  Smile.
c.  Tear up with happy tears.


If you answered mostly A’s
The closed mouth kiss is your best choice. A very sentimental moment is matched perfectly with a closed eyes and closed mouth kiss. The key is to linger for at the least 5 seconds you don’t want to look like you are dreading the kiss. Enjoy the moment and maybe a romantic dip.

If you answered mostly B’s
The semi-French kiss is your best choice. You feel very free and comfortable with your friends and family. The key is to make it shorter rather than longer, and closed mouth more than open mouth. Remember, everybody will be watching you for the entire kiss and there may be children present.

If you answered mostly C’s
The multiple kiss is your best choice. You enjoy all things couple related but you don’t want to get too intimate in public. The key is to use no tongue, but feel free to kiss as many times as you want. Try to linger a few second with each kiss, the photographer will thank you.

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