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Wedding Invitation Trends for 2019

2019 will offer couples the most options for wedding invitations ever in history, which is pretty amazing when you consider that it was only a couple of decades ago where the invitations were basic black and white (which is timeless, but not perfect for every couple) and nothing else. Now, fast forward to today where the number of stationery possibilities is mindboggling for engaged newbies. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. Here are the four of the hottest trends hitting the invitation industry.

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Wedding E-vites
I know some of you are rolling your eyes aghast at the idea of sending e-vites instead of traditional invitations. But before you really start rolling them, you should know that the number of e-vites going out increased considerably in 2018. This is because those types of invitations are perfect for those couples having a very small ceremony or an informal one. Why spend a lot of money when all you have to do is hit send? A word to the wise though, be sure to at least send the more senior members on the guest list a physical invite. Quite a few of them prefer traditional invitations and not everyone has an email address.

Classic Invitations
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If this sounds like your mantra, then you will be pleased to discover that traditional invitations are still very much in vogue. Although the classic invites of today resemble those from yesteryear; this style has seen an influx of modern details that make them perfect for today’s classic couple. Brides and grooms can choose from embossed, stamped, engraved and more. No doubt our Timeless Pearl invitation was inspired by classic couples throughout time.

DIY Invitations
2018 was definitely the year of the DIY bride and this trend is here to stay. A struggling economy and the rise of Pinterest has created a whole new generation of brides and grooms creating items for their wedding. The industry has noticed this large shift in the way people are participating in their special day. This has caused many stationery companies to release a line of DIY wedding invitations which many couples can write and print in the privacy of their own homes.

Textured & Embellished Invitations
Texturing is another huge detail that emerged in 2018 and is still picking up steam for 2019. We have seen invitations embellished with all types of fabrics, beading and crystals to add a bit of pop to an otherwise sedate invitation. Yet, to prevent the invitation from venturing into tacky territory, texturing and embellishments should be kept to a minimum. The purpose is to enhance the invitation, not overwhelm your guests with fluff and crystals. This look is perfect for couples who love the classic look, but want a little glitter to go along with it. We like to think that our Pocketful of Style invite balances the classic with the trendy just fine.

So, are you ready to purchase some of 2019’s trendiest wedding invitations for your guests? Well, we do know that whether you are a classic couple, a casual couple or like to get your hands on a project, there is a wedding invitation out there for you. Happy hunting!



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