Wedding Shoe Styles

Find the right fit for your big day

By Sara Doerrier

Wedding Shoes
The style of your bridal shoe relies less on fashion and more on your personal preference. It reflects the look you want to create within the entire ensemble and your own expression, as well as retaining a certain comfort level. Let’s take a look at the main categories of popular wedding shoes to help you narrow down your options and choose what’s best for you.

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Pumps, otherwise known as high heels, are a traditional style of closed toe and sides that simply slip on the foot. This popular choice exudes classical beauty. The pump allows for more foot support and can have a discreet insertion of food pads or supports for comfort and fit.

Slingbacks are pumps or sandals that expose the heel of the foot, attached with a strap that goes around the heel to secure the shoe. The strap varies in width and can be elastic or buckled. These shoes can be worn without hosiery and can be great for cooling. However, foot support is not easily achieved because you cannot add arch support or heel pads since the foot is exposed.

Sandals, with literally thousands of varieties and styles to choose from, it’s no wonder why sandals are a hugely popular choice for brides. A sandal is usually defined as an open toe shoe that has a strap going across the top of the foot. Ideal for summer weddings, you can proudly show off those perfectly manicured toes and stay cool. A lot of sandal varieties anchor the heel and allow for excellent comfort.

Platforms have an up-raised, thick sole that covers the entire shoe, thus making literally a platform. This shoe works well for brides who want the height but find it difficult to walk in very high heels or stilettos. Since the shoe is the exact same height all around, the effect is less wobbly and ultimately easier to walk in. It has a heavier and more solid foundation. There are many ranges of varieties and heights that can suit all tastes.

Flip Flops are for the more non-traditional bride looking for a casual and relaxed look. Flip-flops are merely a single strap over the toes that have a band between the big toe and second toe. Perfect for a tropical beach wedding. Conventionally flip-flops are flats with a slight heel.

Ballet Slippers are great footwear to change in to at your reception to dance the night away.

Barefoot is the cheapest footwear of them all. Great for bohemian brides that want the ultimate comfort on their wedding day.



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