Wedding Traditions for the Soul

couple shoesWhen it comes to your special day many of us will choose a white gown, and follow the more time-honored wedding traditions and include something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new but what about getting even more personal. We asked our fans what special traditions they were following that weren’t as commonly known and were warmed with the results that ensued.

A six pence in your shoe
An older tradition from the UK and the final line to the famous “something blue” rhyme is to include ‘a six pence in your shoe’. Jessica will be using the six pence that her fiancé’s mother wore in her wedding, as well as, wearing her grandmother’s wedding band. The sentimental value of these items goes far beyond anything that can be bought in a store.

A lot of brides seek out special items that they can incorporate into their wedding day while not being overly difficult to coordinate. Jennifer is planning to sew a piece of her grandmother’s favorite shirt into her wedding gown and instead of carrying flowers down the aisle she will be carrying her great grandmother’s bible which is what her mother also carried down the aisle.

Modern Take on a Tradition
While so many traditions of the past might be beautiful in theory the practice of them seems slightly impractical, for instance, in the past English brides would carry a real horseshoe with them down the aisle for good luck, the modern take on this tradition is to wear a small, light-weight decorative horseshoe worn on the wrist like our fan Sarah.

Wedding traditions are meaningful whether they belong specifically to your family and culture or are a new tradition. Couples marrying in different cities have been known to bring things meaningful to them from their own city to the ceremony such as soil from their hometown.

It may feel like everything has already been done but remember that to show a true reflection of who you and your other half are as a couple can be done not only by doing something unique and original, but just by being with your loved ones and showing them how special the day is, and how happy you are to be surrounded by the one’s you care about.

Posted by Heather L.