Wedding Website Essentials

wedding invitationIn our technologically advanced world of cyber fanatics it’s no surprise that wedding websites have become the latest wedding necessity. Let’s look at the essentials for a wedding website and some of the fun touches you can add.

Ok, this one is obvious, but be sure your guests know that the website is for your wedding including a story about how you met and fell in love like Jyssica and Devanie did on their websites. But also think about what you will be doing at the wedding. Will you be planning a game that may require ladies to rethink their stiletto heels? Let them know.

Make it Personal
Be sure to not just include yourselves, but also the wedding party. Who are your bridesmaids, groomsmen, usher and etc. The more people you involve in the wedding site the more personal and useful it becomes. Including pictures of your bridesmaids as children or doing something adventurous is a fun way to introduce your guests to each other. Also, think about spotlighting a guest or two each week including a few sentences about them or something interesting that other guests wont know.

It’s all About Location
On a website, you can not only tell people where the wedding will take place but also add maps and links to help them get there from anywhere. Be sure to also include where the reception will be if it’s a different location. For a more personal touch think about including hotels that you recommend for the out of town guests who’ll be coming.

Let’s be honest, it’s easy to lose the save the date cards and it’s embarrassing to tell the bride and groom that you did, so let your guests off the hook by including it on your website. This is also a great place to add an RSVP button, which saves you money on paying for postage on your mailings. You can also consider adding an RSVP for the wedding and an additional one for the reception. Lots of people who may not be able to attend the entire event may be able to attend one of them.

Interactive Entertainment
Include a quiz about you and your groom that people can take and show the results. Try putting up polls for your guests to vote on, such as honeymoon destinations, best love song and if your wedding is a long time away, let them vote on those hard to solve food questions, you may be surprised to find out that none of your guests care about the wedding cake.

Wedding websites are a great way to keep your guests as excited as you are about your wedding and a great place for uploading your favorite wedding photos, including the ones your guests took so you can capture your wedding day from every perspective. They come in free or paid versions, versions for html experts or for computer illiterate people and the options are endless so think about making one for your special day.

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