What Kind of Reception Meal Do You Want?

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Your wedding reception is one of the biggest parties that you’ll ever throw. That puts a lot of pressure on you to get it right. At the same time, it’s crazy to spend more money than you can afford. That just starts your relationship off in a bad way. When you’re coming up with a menu for your reception, considering these questions.

Do You Want a Buffet or a Sit-Down Dinner?
There are pros and cons to both options. Buffets usually lead to more wasted food, but you don’t have to hire as many waiters. Sit-down dinners have a more formal feel, but it can prevent guests from mingling during the early part of the reception.

Make this decision based on your personal preference. Talk to your caterer and think about what will work best in your reception hall, though. You might find that one option is obviously better for your event.

Do Your Guests Have Dietary Restrictions?
You never know what dietary restrictions someone has. Even if you have known someone for years, you can’t necessarily predict what kind of meal she will want. Perhaps her doctor has recently told her to stop eating milk products. Maybe she’s decided to become a vegetarian.

You can use your RSVP card to make sure everyone has food that matches their preferences. Just include a line asking if they prefer beef, chicken, fish, vegan, kosher, or other types of meals. Any caterer worth your time and money will accommodate these requests.

Do You Want to Serve Alcohol? How Much?
Alcohol will add a lot of money to your bill, but it could also make your reception a lot more fun. Getting a few drinks in grandma can turn a typical evening into a night to remember.

Just don’t let this backfire on you. If you invite a lot of college friends to your wedding, you can expect them to revert to their college personalities. That upstanding physician and pillar of the community could suddenly become the beer swilling lush that you knew in undergrad.

If you think that sounds fun, leave the bar open all night. If you think that sounds like an awful trip down Hazy Memory Lane, then you might want to put a limit on alcohol.

Remember, this night is about you. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider what other people, too. Ideally, you can find a way to make the night special for everyone. Just think about what you want, give people more options, and make sure you don’t grossly exceed your budget.

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