What to Wear Under Your Wedding Dress

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Every woman, regardless of body type, can benefit from wearing the proper undergarments on their wedding day. To choose the proper undergarments, you will need to assess your physical strengths and weaknesses, as well as the style of your bridal gown.

Defining Your Needs
Try your wedding dress on, but without any undergarments. This will help you see what areas need a little help, and which don’t. For example, many dresses are structured enough so that smaller-chested women will not need to wear a bra at all, while other gowns have little to no support on their own. Perhaps there are extra lumps and bumps on your figure that you would like to smooth, or transparent areas that simply need to be lined with a slip. Once you know what your needs are, you can begin looking for the right underwear for your dress.

Slimming Garments
For any figure flaw, there is likely a slimming garment available to correct the problem. Brides looking to slim tummies, backs, and hips can slip on a shaping garment in the form of shorts, dresses, briefs, or skirts. Some slim from the chest down, while others focus only on specific areas. If your gown is form-fitting, it is best to select undergarments that smooth the entire body to avoid creating any unnatural lines. For looser gown styles, wearing a smaller piece, such as a waist-nipper, can be a more comfortable option.

Depending on the style of your gown, you may or may not need to wear a bra. Brides that do not wish to wear a bra can wear adhesive cups to add extra shape, volume, and lift for the most flattering look. For most gown styles, a strapless bra will be the best bet. Busty women will have the most luck with a long-line bra that reaches the waist, as it will stay in place during the entire wedding. Traditional strapless bras can slip down easily, making for awkward adjustments.

Once you have determined the best undergarments for your gown and body type, do a final check for modesty. Since weddings are usually attended by mixed company, it is a good idea to make sure your ensemble will not offend any of your guests. For example, if you have chosen a thin, gauzy gown, and shaping garments aren’t your style, a loose slip may need to be worn underneath the dress to prevent any “wardrobe malfunctions.” Whether you need some serious figure smoothing or just a bit of bust support, choosing the right undergarments will help you to feel and look confident and your wedding day.

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