What’s Your Wedding Style Infographic

What is your wedding style? We’ve heard so much about body shapes and proportions recently that we wanted to take a break and just wear what we feel. Have you ever felt that way? For years, I avoided wearing orange and yellow because I didn’t want it to bring out the yellow tones in my skin. But you know what, wearing orange makes me feel happy and at the end of the day, we should wear what makes us feel beautiful and happy, not what some stylist has determined to match our body shape.

How do you envision your day? Will it be heartbreakingly romantic, classic and chic, or drop dead gorgeous? Here is our breakdown! And who is to say, you can’t have a romantic gorgeous wedding dress with a lacy mermaid silhouette or a glamorous classic dress with a proper tea-length with a corset back.

Posted by Natalie T.