Where the Wild Things Are

map of where the wild things areWelcome to our Friday series. Each month we bring you a multi-part blog series centered around one or two themes. This May our theme is “wild.” To us, wild means letting loose and having fun. This week we were inspired by Maurice Sendak’s beloved childhood classic Where the Wild Things Are.

I have a confession. I’ve never seen the movie Where the Wild Things Are but I’ve read the book dozens of times during my childhood and to kids at the local library’s Story Hour. I’ve also watched Lady Gaga’s music video Bad Romance

Max is sent to bed without supper for donning on his wolf suit, terrorizing the dog, and threatening to eat his mother. His room magically turns into a forest by the sea and he takes a boat to a place where he’s the king of the wild things. I won’t ruin the ending, but the story is a blast.

Although it seems obvious that this theme is a shoo-in for a whimsical, kid-friendly, and magical wedding, I think it could also be black tie enough to impress your most traditional relatives. Instead of doing a break down of what you could do with various elements of the reception like last week’s post, I’m singling out the most memorable moments from the book.

Max’s Outfit
Max dons a black wolf suit, but he’s most memorable in his suit and a tall golden crown. While the bride and groom can wear golden crowns for the reception, marking them as the queen and king of the wild things. The golden crown would be lovely as a napkin ring or show up as an icon in the decor. The groomsmen can also wear a crown pin in place of a boutenniere.

The Wild Things
To me, these monsters with their terrible eyes, teeth, and claws could be stand ins for your wedding party. Could you convince them to give a rip-roaring performance of the wild rumpus as part of the reception?

The Magical Forest
The book takes place primarily in a jungle-like place, which makes it very appropriate for outdoor weddings. Your centerpieces can make a subtle nod to this theme by incorporating a lot of greenery.

The Sail Boat
Max uses a sail boat to reach the place where the wild things are. Luckily boats can be highly symbolic objects for journeys, adventures, and travel. They’re also beautiful as place cards, centerpiece, or even a guest book.

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