Winter Beauty

If you’re like most of us, you’ve been living under thick sweaters and Uggs for the past month. You’ve been eating comfort foods cuddled up on the sofa on Sundays instead of getting out of the house to do something active. You’ve been spending longer in the hot shower every morning and cranking up the heaters. Sounds like a normal winter but how does that help your beauty regimen.

Those of us who are getting married this winter are probably noticing the damage of our winter routine. Hot showers strip the natural oils from your skin and hair leaving you dry and lackluster. Add itchy wool fabrics to the mix and you’re bound to end up a red and irritated. How can we keep our glow? We asked our ladies and got some great feedback.

Dryness is one of the main problems our beauty routine must tackle in the winter. Katelyn does a deep conditioning on her hair and skin in the shower. “Before rinsing conditioner from your hair, turn off water, apply lotion. Wait 3-5 mins before rinsing.” Go easy on the dryer as this only aids in creating dry damaged locks. Also, try a nourishing overnight treatment for your skin. I like to put a lotion containing glycerin, shea butter or mineral oil on and just before bed I use moisturizing gel socks and gloves.

Be careful with your makeup. The cold and the electric heating can do a number on your delicate face and using makeup made for the wrong season can dry out your skin and actually emphasize wrinkles. Try tinted moisturizers and using liquid or moisturizing cream blushes and eye shadows instead of powders.

What do you do when your lips are dry? Lick them. Licking them makes them drier. It’s the endless cycle that many of us face all winter long. Keep your smacker kissable with an exfoliating lip treatment followed by a heavy dose of lip balm. If your lips have cracked, find a balm with tea tree oil to help heal them.

Vanessa has five months before her big day and she’s doing spa sessions including red light facials that she swears by, as well as, skin hydrating treatments.

Overall, the best beauty tip to beat the winter blahs is hydration, internally and externally. So go easy on the holiday egg nog and heavy on the water. Try to fit in at least one moisturizing treatment for your hair and body or at the very least lotion. Instead of steamy showers opt for down comforters and fleece pajamas. Remember that it’s totally possible to keep your skin dewy and luminescent all year round it just takes a little bit more pampering.

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