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Choosing a Wedding Veil

Wedding Veil

Many modern brides are doing away with veils entirely and choosing feather clips, flowers, headbands, or hats, but many still love the timeless elegance of a veil. The perfect bridal veil will complement the bride, her dress, and the tone of the wedding. Although the tradition of using a veil to cover the bride's face is no longer considered necessary, the right veil can add a lot of pizzazz to a simple dress and frame the face.

It is much easier to choose an appropriate veil if the bridal gown has already been selected. Consider the length and formality of the dress when looking at veil styles. For example, a floor-length veil will look mismatched with a tea-length gown. Also, think about the tone of the event. Will there be dancing and a buffet, or a three-course meal with string music? Generally speaking, the longer the veil; the more formal. Chapel, cathedral, waltz, and royal veils should be reserved for formal weddings and floor-length gowns. Shorter styles, such as the blusher, bouffant, elbow, waist, or even knee-length are appropriate for almost any style of dress. The birdcage veil has become a huge trend lately, and can be worn with any style dress. It looks particularly good with vintage style gowns. Birdcage veils are also easy to make at home with a bit of material and decorative hair combs. Since birdcage veils generally only cover the forehead, they can be worn easily through the reception, or the veil can be detached from the combs for a more informal look after the ceremony.

Choosing a double or single-layer veil often has much more to do with personal preference than tradition these days, excluding cultures that require a specific type of traditional veil. Brides that would like to walk down with the aisle with their veil covering their face should choose a double-layer veil. The shorter layer is used to cover the face, until the groom folds it backwards, off of the face. Single-layer veils are often used for a simpler look, and they work well with informal weddings. They also look beautiful with embellishments, such as the mantilla veil, which is a single-layer veil that rests on the head but is bordered with ornate lace. Other popular ways to spice up a plain veil include adding tiny rhinestones or pearls, or adding a satin ribbon edge. Using an accent color for the ribbon adds a cute, unexpected infusion of color.

Once chosen, top the veil off with an accessory, such as a flower or feather comb. A well-chosen veil adds a sense of traditional romance, while providing a lovely backdrop for portraits. Whether wearing a plain, single-layer veil, or an elaborate floor-length waltz veil, modern brides really have their pick of any style veil that suits their wedding and personal style.

Posted by Anna K.

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