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The Nadia gown is romantic with a modern twist. At once both delicate and textured, this gown is for an edgy bride. Floral-inspired ruching decorate the bust and a metallic band marks the empire waist.
Nadia Gown The Nadia gown is romantic with a modern twist. At once both delicate and textured, this gown is for an edgy bride. Floral-inspired ruching decorate the bust and a metallic band marks the empire waist. 80168 1479.99 739.9900
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Nadia Gown

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Nadia Gown

Item ID: #80168

SKU# 80168

Avg Retail Value: $1479.99

Promo Price: $739.99

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Pick your favorite dress from our collection & tell us where to send it. The cost is $19.95 for up to two dresses.
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Ship it back to us with the provided prepaid shipping label and receive a $19.95 credit towards your next dress purchase!

Want an even better fit? For only US$ 49.99 more, we provide the extra service of sizing and cutting any made-to-order dress to your measurements!
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Tracy, 30/05/2013

I had a real DRESS DILEMMA going on before finding Simply Bridal. We had just six weeks to plan our wedding and I was skeptical about ordering online. When I called customer service I talked with Myesha and I cannot tell you how helpful she was in helping me select a dress. I didn't have time to have one custom made so she communicated with me on all the available dresses that were available. I picked the Charlene (which was my favorite) and when it was shipped in a size 10 it didn't fit in the chest and I had little time to do alterations. After I called Myesha and explained to her the situation, she went back to the drawing board and provided me another list of gowns that were available in my size that were ready to be shipped. She let me return the Charlene gown and order the new Nadia gown literally the same day. I received my dress a few days ago and our wedding is in 11 days. I wish I could see Myesha to give her a BIG HUG for all the work she put into finding me a style of dress that I would be pleased with. I will tell everyone about Simply Bridal and will definitely be ordering from here again. TW

MARYANNA, 20/01/2013

I got hundreds of complements on the dress at my wedding day all thanks to Simply Bridal. I was surely the happiest bride in the world.

Belinda, 01/07/2012

I am getting married in November and I did a custom order for this dress and I LOVE IT. It has my name in the seam. I have not been able to get a picture of myself yet but will do so soon to help you in making you decision. The customer service department is excellent and great to work with.

jamie, 11/04/2012

My daughter was crying in delight when I handed her this Simply Bridal wedding gown which I ordered from you a month ago. She just can't believe how beautiful her wedding dress was and she hugged me and said thank you for so many times. She really appreciated my gift so much!

Crystal, 20/03/2012

I received my Nadia gown in the mail today and it is Absolutely Perfect!!!!!! I ordered it with my custom measurements and it fits perfect and the dress is so beautiful!!!! Even more beautiful than the picture! Thank you soooo much Simply Bridal!!

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The Nadia gown is romantic with a modern twist. At once both delicate and textured, this gown is for an edgy bride. Floral-inspired ruching decorate the bust and a metallic band marks the empire waist.
  • Name: Nadia Gown
  • SKU#: 80168
  • Silhouette: Mermaid/Trumpet,Sheath
  • Neckline: Straight
  • Train: Court
  • Fabric: Organza
  • Back Closure: Back Zipper
  • Body Shape:
  • Sleeves: Strapless
  • Season:
  • Venue: Outdoor,Banquet,Destination,Garden
  • Weight: 0.00lbs / 0.00kgs
  • Mood:

Size Chart

US Size 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
European size 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
  in cm in cm in cm in cm in cm in cm in cm in cm in cm
Bust 32 81 33 84 34 86 35 89 36 91 37.5 95 39 99 41 104 43 109
Waist 25 64 26 66 27 69 28 71 29 74 30.5 77 32 81 34 86 36 91
Hip 35 89 36 91 37 94 38 97 39 99 40.5 103 42 107 44 112 46 117
Hollow to Floor 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150
US Size 18 20 22 24 26 28 30
European size 48 50 52 54 56 58 60
  in cm in cm in cm in cm in cm in cm in cm
Bust 46 117 48 122 50 127 53 135 56 142 59 150 63 160
Waist 39 99 41 104 43 109 46 117 49 124 52 132 56 142
Hip 49 124 51 130 53 135 56 142 59 150 62 157 66 168
Hollow to Floor 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150 59 150

How to measure




When you place your order, you’ll be asked to fill in your measurements. This provides our seamstresses with much more detail than a standard dress size. To take your measurements accurately, follow these tips:
Use a fabric tape measure. A metal tape measure can buckle and bend, causing your measurements to be slightly too big.
Keep the tape measure taught, but don’t stretch it tight.
Wear the same undergaments and shoes that you plan to wear on your wedding day.
Keep your feet 6 inches apart.
Have a friend help you take your measurements.

These are the figures we’ll need, along with instructions about how to take each measurement.

a) Bust: This is not the same as your bra size. Instead, this is a measurement of the largest part of your bust. Keep your arms at your side during this measurement.

b) Sleeve: Bend your arm at a 90 degree angle and put your hand on your hip. Measure from your shoulder. down your arm and stop at your wrist.

c) Waist: This is your natural waistline, typically found an inch or two above your belly button. Don’t suck in your waist, although you may be tempted to. You want to be able to breathe on your wedding day.

d) Hips: This is a measurement of the fullest part of your hips.

e) Hollow to hem: Place the measure at the base of your neck and stop to measure where you'd like the hem to stop.

Terms and Conditions

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