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At Simply Bridal, we're always on the lookout for new and fresh dress trends. We've asked our designers to share the top five wedding dress trends that are making a splash right now. As new ideas develop, you'll find details on the best trends right here.

Though weddings are steeped in tradition, the trend of the moment is personalization. A wedding allows you to expose and celebrate your identity, along with your fiancé's. Everything from your venue to your cake toppers can provide an opportunity to share your story. You can even tell that story through your dress.

1. Get Shorty: In the world of fashion, the little black dress is iconic. Some brides are taking this look to the chapel. Short doesn't mean tactless (though you should avoid the super-snug mini). Rather, the style is flirty, modern and youthful, and shows off your legs to boot.

2. Color Me Happy: Contrary to popular belief, brides do not have to wear white. (Finally!) Muted metallic colors are wildly popular among designers and brides. And don't shy away from adding a splash of color to the bridal outfit: pink shoes or flecks of gold go far.

3. Intricate Detail: Dresses with a subtle dose of beadwork and lace are dominating the bridal runway. Detailed threads provide visual interest, and add a layer of luxury and splendor to the dress. Experiment with exquisite lace sleeves or a bead embroidered bodice.

4. The Big Time: Did you grow up dreaming about a fairytale wedding and a huge, princess gown? You're in luck. Big is back, so don't shy away from adding the oomph. Billowing A-Line and Ball Gown skirts are universally flattering; the wide skirt hides the hips.

5. Bed of Roses: Whether it's small rosettes or large flower accents along the neckline, fabric flowers are back and big. The organic floral shapes are soft and feminine, and appeal to many earth-conscious brides. Consider a floral beaded neckline or draped floral sash.